Sustainable and organic skincare that really works

Who We are

Del Decus Enterprises LTd. & Lovana Trading Ltd.
Del Decus Enterprises was founded in 2017. The young company rapidly became a pioneer in the online business market and the European beauty industry. Currently, Del Decus Enterprises offers two sustainable product lines made in Germany with international employees located world-wide.
The main focus of Del Decus Enterprises Ltd. is the top quality standards of ingredients, sustainability of the production process, and the best possible customer experience. The Del Decus Enterprises' Team stands towards its values to create a product that brings a unique experience for every customer.
Our success is based on the trust of our customers, who have first-hand knowledge about our top-quality and sustainable products. The key pillars of our company encompass sustainability, customer focus, excellence, and teamwork.


premium organic skincare producer